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SLJ Best Books of the Year, 2011


YAY! MINE was named an SLJ Best Book this year … I am so proud of this title. Four starred reviews, a great NY Times review, and now this. And, I do bow down before Patrice Barton’s incredible talent. The artwork makes this book come alive. For all of you with very small children (especially if you have more than one young one). In choosing MINE! as one of those to be included on the list, SLJ said:

“As an intrepid toddler struggles to take possession of a passel of playthings, he is keenly observed by a frolicsome pup and a winsome infant who is preparing to make her move. The characters’ spot-on body language and facial expressions create a virtuoso visual portrayal of nascent social skills. “

The complete list of SLJ Best Books here.




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